Autism and energy

The purpose of this tooling is to make the lifes of people on the autism spectrum more balanced, by providing

[wp-svg-icons icon=”book” wrap=”span”]   knowlege about autism and energy

[wp-svg-icons icon=”pencil” wrap=”span”]   exercises to get a better energy balance


In the menu above you find the tabs for the knowledge and the exercises.

How does energymanagement work?

A. Diminish your energydrains.
  1. This means you have to figure out where the leaking is, and how it persist.
  2. Find ways to stop the leaking
  3. Try to diminish your energydrains, alone or with the help of others
B. Discover your personal energy-recovery mechanisms
  1. Figure out which activities, thoughts, contacts, et cetera, are your energizers
  2. This course offers exercises and routines to get more grip on your energy recovery
C. Enlargen your battery
  1. Try to enlargen your energy-capacity, so you could build up an energy-buffer